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Presenting Sayeah!, a unique and interactive set of tools to transform the entire classroom experience. Download the Trial or Full version, and get a chance to win Amazon Gift Card by simply completing the questionnaire!


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  • Mobile Control
  • Easy to Use
  • One-Stop
  • Quality Resources
  • LMS
  • Smart Classroom

Remotely control classes via Sayeah! App

With Sayeah Mobile App you can now remotely control the whole class session and ensure a better interaction with the audience.


Teacher Friendly

Sayeah! seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office PowerPoint interface and layout to ensure the learning curve is bare minimum.

User friendly

Equipped for your needs

Say hello to your new portable and all-purpose library with massive collection of resources and materials. Now prepare lessons anytime, anywhere!

Equipped for your needs

Top education resources for personalized teaching

Sayeah! brings together high quality teaching reserves from around the globe to meet the vital requirements of today’s teachers.

Top education

Learn from others to teach effectively

Learning reports generated to assist teachers in improving students outcome.

Learn from others to teach effectivelys

Intelligent concepts, Immersive experiences

Bring together leading education technology with finest teaching hardware.

Intellegent experience
Scan the QR code to download the mobile controller

Updated version: v 1.6.7


Updated version: v 1.6.7